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Your dream kitchen
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From kitchen and dining room
to great room in Beverly.
Chances are, no matter how lovely your living room or other areas of your house may be,
your kitchen is the gathering place of choice whenever you have guests. Whether it’s
preparing dishes, sharing meals, joining together for a snack, or just hanging out, kitchens
have become the focal points of today’s homes. Since you spend so much time there, you
probably want to make it as functional and beautiful as possible. That’s where we can help.
To redesign your kitchen, let’s explore the options that would best meet your needs, taste,
and budget -- and maximize the value of your home. Browns uses only the highest quality
materials and finest craftsmanship, yet offers affordable prices. The kitchen remodeling
process at Browns includes:
No-Obligation Meeting
Let’s meet in your home or at our showroom to discuss your interests, consider design trends,
brainstorm possibilities, and develop a vision for your project.
Measurement and Design Assistance
Browns will carefully take all necessary measurements and develop a layout to illustrate your
remodeled kitchen. Our design consultation will not cost you any additional fees; it is part of
our standard remodeling and installation service.
Cabinetry and Hardware
You will have access to the industry’s premier manufacturers. We will go over the resources
available to you and details such as styles, finishes, lines, features, and cabinet construction
Everything Else
We’ve got sinks, faucets, and accessories to share with you. And we can make
recommendations about appliances and other products for your kitchen. If your kitchen
makeover is part of a larger remodeling project, we can handle that as well. See our other
services page for info about removing walls, installing skylights, and other construction and
finished carpentry capabilities. We also work with preferred countertop distributors and
installers, electricians, painters, flooring specialists, tile and stone installers, and other
professionals for a seamless kitchen remodeling project.
What Our Customers Say
“Browns Kitchen and Bath Center,
with the Murphys at the helm, run one
wonderful, tight ship: everything
arrived on time, was done on
schedule, and with meticulous
craftsmanship. Our kitchen and
master bath renovation took four
weeks from the time we commenced
demolition to the time all the last-
minute details were completed. I'd do
it again in a minute -- and we might
because we have two more
bathrooms to do!”

-M. Kaplan, Lexington, MA
Sure, we install beautiful kitchens, but we also
help keep them looking beautiful. Do you need
replace hinges, broken doors, knobs, or
other accessories? Give us a call at
Do you have a leaky faucet, need to replace a
disposal, or require other
plumbing services?
We are at your service through our other
B. F. Murphy Plumbing and Heating.
Go to the Gallery for kitchen design ideas.
What Our Customers Say